ISO 22301 BCMS Business continuity management system

Being the premiere consultant in UAE for ISO 22301, we understand, what exactly needs to be done that ensures over all development of your organization and business. The key components of our Business continuity management system consist of:

Keeps confidential information secure

Allows for secure exchange of information

Provide you with a competitive advantage

Manages and minimizes risk exposure

Legal Requirements and Compliance Management

ISO 22301

A step-by-step method of identifying information that is key to business success. BCMS also include a comprehensive approach in assessing risks on one hand, and identifying opportunities for improvement. Such opportunities take the shape of designing, documenting, implementing, measuring, auditing and continuously improving information security posture. Improvement can take place both due to proactive process such as risk assessment, and reactive such as Incidents. In simple words, a proactive approach to preventing and reacting to information related incidents.


ISO 22301 specifies the need for a Business Continuity Management System (BCMS). Irrespective of the size of the organization, ISO 22301 certification in Dubai can be employed by any organization that deals with any trade. With the deployment of the BCMS and ISO 22301 certification, a company is allowed to demonstrate to stake holders, suppliers, employees and customers that your organization is prepared disruptive incidents that might otherwise affect you achieving your organizational goals

ISO 22301 certification is based on the Plan-Do-Check-Act model as found in other management system standards. There are several reasons that demand the ISO certification which could be loss of customers, reputational damage or monetary loss. The risk is actually endless, which requires checking within time.

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