ISO 14001 EMS Environmental Management System

Our highly qualified and experienced Environmental Consultants specialise in developing the highest quality ISO 14001 environmental management systems The ISO 14001 environmental management system standard specifies a process for the control and the continuous improvement of an organisation's environmental performance. The ISO 14001 standard develops a strategic approach to an organisation's environmental policy, plans and actions. It does not specify environmental performance criteria but simply how to develop an ISO 14001 environmental management system.

The key components of our Quality Management System consist of :

Benefits of  EMS

The development and communication of an environmental policy
Environmental aspects need to be reviewed
Legal requirements need to be assessed and compliance monitored
Objectives and targets need to be set and the programs in which to achieve them developed
Training needs should have been identified and a strategy for achieving them implemented
An internal audit completed
A management review of the EMS and their organization's environmental performance.


The ISO 14001 standard sets out the requirements for an Environmental Management System (EMS) which can be employed by an organization to measure and document their environmental footprints. The standard is based on the principle of continual improvement of an organization's Environmental Performance. The standard utilizes the concept of Plan - Do - Check - Act, thus causing improvement. It consists a set of requirements that a company has to address and implement in its activities. The basic purpose is to continually improve the environmental performance.

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